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Hi, my name is Karen and I am the owner of The Scrapbook.

We have been operating for over 19 years.

At The Scrapbook we specialize in providing scrapbooking products and materials to assist you in your creative process of turning thoughts and photos into memories for all to see. We also provide card making materials, from blank cards and envelopes to cut-outs and embellishments to make that card for someone special.

From papers to tools and decor items- we provide it all.

We have a large variety of different workshops offering tips, techniques and ideas with many skilled teachers teaching in their unique creative way.

I have been crafting up a storm for the best of 10 years and still love it as much as the first day I started.

I worked full time in the scrapbooking industry for 5

years and now teach cardmaking classes and occasionally off the pa

ge projects on weekends and design and pack card making and scrapbooking kits.

I have built op so many amazing friendships over the years and share the passion my class ladies have for crafting

My name is Moira and I have been scrapbooking for just over eight years.

Although I do love paper crafting, I also LOVE mixed media and, if I can combine the two, I am a very happy scrapbooker. My go to are vintage and botanical tones, but there are so many beautiful bright colours out there that are really hard to resist.

I am currently honoured to be a Brand Ambassador for Penelope Dee as well being a part of the 13 Arts Design Team.

Connecting with woman through her love of handmade ❤️ papercraft is what inspires home based biz owner and teacher, Nicki Schwormstedt.

Nicki’s workshop style is wonderfully hands on, thoughfully themed and her attention to detail makes each cardmaking workshop one of a kind.

Nicki’s vintage inspired style is timeless and incorporating some mixed media with papercraft ideas, including origami, makes each card a work of art in itself.

A handmade box of cards made for a gift 16 years ago began a journey of Cherish the Thought – a home based stationery biz and with encouragement from her peers, cardmaking workshops grew from there.

Nicki loves to share her ideas and creative inspiration in each card making workshop.

A favourite quote:
Have a purpose worthy of the effort.

My name is Roz FitzGerald Turner 69 going on 70. A wife, a mother of 2 sons in the U.K. and Nana to 5 grandees and 6 step grandchildren.

My passions are family, spirituality, frienteaching, scrap booking, cooking, Christmas, reading, drama and acting, home decor, mostly in this order. My mind and actions are 90% right brain and I struggle with left brain stuff, like technology, arithmetic and spelling! Creativity makes my heart sing and fills my soul. A sense of humour and gratitude get me through most of life’s curved balls.

It is a privilege to be a part of The Scrapbook Plumstead team.

Tea with God, Bible, Journaling

One of my favourite sayings is , ‘ I’m going to have tea with God and chat” and Bible Journaling is exactly that! Meeting God on a different level and platform using various mediums such as serviettes, distress crayons, pattern paper, embellishments – very much whatever takes your fancy in your interpretation of a certain Scripture.

I’m a very spirit led (going with my gut), so God will give me the verses for a class, I will pray and meditate, plan it and once in class everyone may change it as they then interpret the Scriptures. Some of the ladies find it difficult to colour, paint, paste over God’s word but there are Journaling Bibles designed specifically for this or they use notebook.

God gave me a word ‘gather ‘ – to gather His Precious Daughters and that’s why I teach Bible Journaling and have done since September 2018. Classes are held on a monthly basis and workshops are planned twice a year.

Come and join us for a cup of tea and a chat with God. Spend time in the word, form beautiful friendships.

I’m happy to meet with anyone who’d like to know more and see my Bibles – Marchelle Stone

Lizzie is a mixed media and papercraft enthusiast who grew up with a crafty mom who loved to scrap.

She marries her love of art and her background in psychology in her classes; and let me tell you – it gets lovely and messy and healing! She creates a space of facilitation for her students to work through some of life’s challenges, whilst embracing our gift of creativity.

Lizzie teaches mixed media techniques across a variety of platforms, from ATC’s to Art Journals. She is planning some canvas and off the page classes for 2021, and look forward to building a sense of community again after the impact of Covid and Lockdown.

She believes in human connection and sharing our gifts with one another. She has a deep love for puzzles, is recognised by her laugh, and is kept very busy by her boss, who is all of 2 years old.

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